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Regarding your money flow analysis, some questions:

1) Does it work for ETFs? I've looked at a number of ETF money flows and have found most to have negative MF patterns. Summing that up, you'd get a negative impression for the market in general, but then you look at the S&P 500 and Nasdaq money flows and see quite the opposite (bullish)....?! Also, sector ETFs are very much correlated, and yet I observe very different MF patterns for two ETFs in the same sector (e.g. XLK vs. IYW)?? Also, you've shown bullish money flow patterns for the energy sector and yet if you look at money flows for various energy ETFs, they're not bullish.

2) It never seems to fail that if I put in a 3-letter ticker (or 2- or 1-letter) that the money flow is better (bullish) than that for a 4-letter ticker.....?

3) I would still LOVE to see something fairly conclusive & robust that offers some proof that money flow does add value in terms of forecasting / predicting stock prices. Anything?

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