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Very useful info.

I assume that the market is headed for a correction.

If one removes the '70 data (recession) and the '74 data (recession), and the '87 data (not a similar economy) we get a drastically different picture.

Interesting data none the less!

If one points due north, bends over and farts in the wind, it's a drastically different picture too.

1974 is the most closely correlated environment to 2006. Housing bubble, low interest rate environment transitioning to higher rates, oil bubble, copper bubble, PE of the S&P of 19, post 1968 PE bubble in equities, inflationary, weak dollar environment, global competition and American heavy industry competitive issues, protectionism..........and on and on and on

X -- too funny!

I agree that we are in a 1973/74 parallel on many levels

The chart is in this week's Barron's -- the Up and Down Wall Street Column this week.

Congrats guys!

More bullish stocks coming up than bearish

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