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Guess that indicator is wearing a little thin. Or, maybe it's just stating the reality.

Sometimes you run with the bulls and sometimes you run with the bears. Sentiment surveys are a tad worthless at market tops in my experience. There's a sentiment survey I follow that is not generally available to the public and uses professionals. It's bearish as well.......Just like it was in August of 2000.


Just wondering which sentiment survey you're referring to?


Very interesting.

The more people feel that the market is turning bearish, the market is infact turning positive.

May be by this week, we'll know if the market continues to rally or falls down.

The market is turning positive? How so? by rallying up to resistance and maybe adding a few points on that (the DOW) but it couldn't even hold that charade up for more than a few days. This is actually a wonderful time to sell!

I collect 8" Care Bears. To complete my collection, I need the 8"
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