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See the 30 year mortgage chart over 35 years -- very instructive also.

You also need to look at the FIG (Future Inflation Gauge), and the ECRI's industrial long leading indicator. Both are suggestive of a FORWARD looking benign inflation outlook. Coincident indicators like CPI assure an overshoot by the Fed due to the lag. I don't underestand why this gets so little discussion!

Barry -- you're a bright, pragmatic guy...any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.

The folks at have done good work on the changes in the methodology in calculating CPI over time, which have tended to lower reported inflation in the last few years and may make historical comparisons less useful.

To answer SS, the problems lies with the fac that this has been a weak recovery, stimulus driven, overly dependent on real estate.

Why else would the market be so concerned about a 6% Federal Funds rate?

If you are weak, you become more concerned about the amount of oxygen in the room . . .

I always wondered why he was not a way bigger star than he is. I would think some one like him would be a mogal by now. It must be because he is openly gay or would not sell out, i dunno.

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