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Don't forget Cramer's tout of Mindspeed -- stock's up over 5% today because they reran a March epsisode of Realmoney. Never mind that Cramer pumped the stock in the mid $3 range, and it is now trading around $2.50.

So the trick is to keep track of what stocks he has recommended on past shows and buy them as soon as a rerun starts. Put in a sell limit order for about 20-50 cents higher depending on how much risk you are willing to take. And make sure the price hasn't already gone up.

this is a great idea which will work for at least another few days... but how do you know which episode will be on? Can anybody help me out here?

1) hey, thanks -- great observation. I was watching the other day and thought the same thing. In fact, you can pretty much bet JC will take a vacation anytime a major holiday comes up -- that'll be the time to take some swing trade positions and cash out.

2) It hasn't been confirmed yet, but I heard a STRONG rumor that Herb Greenberg will soon have his own show on CNBC. As you can see with the new "Fast Money," CNBC is trying to broaden its portfolio and accomodate a plethora of different trading styles. Fast Money reminds me a lot of Al Pacino's movie "Two for the Money." Greenberg's blog is already a huge hit -- a show would seal the deal and put Greenberg in the spotlight, where he belongs.

Determine a person's life, and the entire fate, but the passing second.I love you, and your business.

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