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What's with those 40% neutral folks? Pick a side! ;-)

Nice! Lets see how this tracks over a few Qs. I'm curious if us bloggers are like the smart money (NYSE Specialists) or the public option traders (dumb money)

you guys should also include

this guy is fairly new but has great insights

When you get more data it would be good to see it plotted as an indicator relative to the market, hopefully more of the neutrals will climb off the fence!

I would also be interested in seeing who sits where (I said "bullish"... please, no laughing at the back...).

u should all check out Trader Tim's blog. It's the best on the web.

You should add as they have good analysis on the Tech side of things.

You may want to check out the following bloggers as well:

The Ticker Sense sentiment poll is probably a closer correlation to real current trends and changes in sentiment more than any other sentiment poll for two reasons.

1) The 40 voters not only actively vote but their bias is confirmed through their published articles.
2) The same 40 are polled week over week. This ensures a genuine tracking of any changes in sentiment.

I do have one question to put to Ticker Sense. SeekingAlpha filters and aggregates the best of the financial blogs. SA selects articles from over 200 contributors and sites. As far as I can tell SA does not express an opinion of its own. In contrast with, which basically does the same as SA for the 40 most traded stocks, Douglas McIntyre does express an opinion on the site.

How does SA vote and how do you confirm the bias?

CrossProfit is not a blog site per say. Our unique quality is concentrated on covering 1000 U.S. traded securities using fundamental analysis and posting twelve month forward looking evaluation lines. Our articles are syndicated (with permission) on other sites. Hence, CrossProfit does not qualify for the sentiment poll and justly so as there is no easy way of confirming our opinion from the site itself.

Thanks for considering us though…!

Disclosure: This comment was written by Saul Sterman, CEO CrossProfit.

Hey Barry Reitholz,

Why isn't your Cult of the Bear,
"The Big Picture" blog represented here?

Sounds like a great idea. I hope you will break out stats separately for those who earn a very good or very bad track record on sentiment vs. the market.

I have a problem with some of the bloggers trying to cash in with books etc. Kirk hardly ever trades and basically posts articles from other sites. Now he is writing a book. Not surprising considering most financial analysts don't trade either. Would like to see some free blogs of people who actually trade daily or more often,not blogs from people who just trade the QQQQ's. My favorite is wallmann33 on msn, he doesn't even have a site and he copies and pastes articles also. Who is violating copyright law?

Fine///// but don't ask for money.

You want money then earn it by posting actual plays that make money.

Then after posting 100 stocks they take credit for the ones ( maybe 1 or 2) that have gone up.

I also like Harry Boxer from the tech trader.

Knightrader is good.

Too many people trying to cash in from blogs. Do a better job than the copy and paste thing.

tunie27, you are a jerk

kirk trades only once in a while because that is his style and it smart, he waits for the right ideas. kirk has excellent insights of his own and when he trades he is an effective money maker. his links help make his blog popular because he is an intelligent man who does a fine job of filtering through a lot of useless info on the web and coming with a list of worthwhile links. you dont even have the balls to post your name or a real address.

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi

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