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It's so lucky for me to find your blog! I am very glad, and welcome you visit mine.

This is in high level .

I can't believe the administration was able to pull this off. And they aren't doing it in ever state, just certain states so they don't get noticed having an additional 3 million jobs reported that they have to explain.Unemployment claims only dropped because most everyone has run out of benefits.

It seems all you are concerned with is partisan politics which is the worst thing for America. However as long as your party wins it is fine.Look up the facts and leave the my political party first crap at the door.

we need more people like Nobel someone who recognizes good contributions and not failures.Now this is worthy of a Nobel prize. They degrade the award giving the peace prize to a President at war that dreams.

Now we need somebody to figure out how to convert sunlight at a rate of 90% efficiency to electricity on a cheap to produce panel, a way to store that electrical charge in a much denser package than a chemical cell, maybe some sort of “plasma” storage device, a way to separate salt from seawater cheaply.

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