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while i don't see any wild wild calls in this chart, i do see capitulation of the bears. every single analyst that called for a lower market in 06 is now calling for a higher finish in 07. i guess the analysts can't risk their reputation on two consecutive bearish calls that fizzle.

Charts, try downloading the surveys and reading them, esp. before making nonsense claims like the one you just did.

Michael Painchaud is predicting a -23.1% crash next year, after accurately predicting two of the last zero crashes. He had predicted –18.3% for 2005 (a +3.0% year) and –7.9% for 2006 (a +14% year). He’s a perma-bear with two snaps full circle!

Subodh Kumar participated all three years, predicted low positive for two years in a row, he's predicting a -10% this year.

Others that were positive (but not necessarily bullish in the sense of above average returns) in the previous two years, but turned negative THIS year, are Richard Driehaus, C. Kim Goodwin, and Tobias Levkovich.

I have links to this year's survey and the previous two at .

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