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Re: your article

I tried this with several years
and found your strategy not to
be true. In fact, several years
had the worst 4 first quarter
ETFs doing the best for the rest
of the year.

Do you have your backup work,
year by year to prove your point?

Dick, for this data we used the actual S&P Sectors, which we have going back to 1962, not the ETF. Many sector ETFs have only been around for a few years, and decreasing your sample size by more than 10 years (this study looks back to 1990) could cause significant differences between your average and ours.

The data is not available to the public.

Arm commentary could possibly be all best for some, but this really is barely tepid. The majority of us inside weblog favor writing that may be much less unfettered.
Following time, do not maintain back again. Let us know what you're pondering.

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