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For this sort of insight, please consider only NYSE issues that are common/preferred stock, not ETFs or closed-end funds, etc. Including all the NYSE issues results in reporting an intensification of any perceived trend.


That is a good point in that often times people will include closed end funds and ETFs, but in our analysis, we looked at only common stocks, so that isn't an issue.

Thanks for reading.


Also, the number of new highs is not as meaningful a measure as percentage of issues making a new high. That is because the number of NYSE issues is always growing.

Also, to trouble you again, in the press that covers a given exchange, there is almost never a distinction between the stocks for U.S. companies and foreign companies. The values of stocks of foreign companies are subject to being bid up or down simply due to the market's rationalizing foreign exchange trends. It is the health of common stocks for U.S. companies (and for foreign companies that are doing a predominant percentage of their business in the U.S.) that is the best indicator of what Wall Street anticipates about the health of the U.S. economy, etc.

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