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Oh my god! The bloggers' sentiment survey has been a pretty good contrarian indicator. So, let's brace for a market pullback this week.

Yep, it's pretty scary. If I hadn't already voted "neutral" and weren't already anticipating some stalling, I would be re-assessing my vote and my positions. I'm tempted to re-assess my "neutral" based on this news ... hell, Larry even admitted this week that his hedging has hurt his performance! When he discloses a bullish vote, I'm buying puts!

This is a joke.

define "prominent investment bloggers."

I think many are surprised how equities shook off the bond market.

Damm, the fun has to end somewhere. C'mon bloogers, get bearish again!!

The "prominent bloggers " have confirmed that they are the dumb money. A 24 point jump in sentiment in one week, after a some criticism of their chronic bearishness, just shows dumbness.
I am predicting this poll would close down, to avoid further embarrassment to these bloggers.Many of them will silently withdraw to avoid public display of their dumbness.

Jack, if you want in, send TS an email and ask to be included.

Duh, 'dis stoopid blogger is gahna keep puttin' his dumb money picks out der publickly. Uh-huh.

in looking at many of the "prominent" bloggers, many haven't posted in weeks if not months. Do you update your participants regularly to make sure they are still active? and if they aren't active, how are they bearish or bullish?

Note to all:
The Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll is an ongoing weekly exercise that looks at some other possible market indicators. The bearishness of our fellow bloggers should serve as an example of many of our top Wall Street analysts. For 20 years or more, many bond analysts have said the stock market is the worst place to invest. They continue to say this despite nearly 100% returns in the S&P 500 in the last five years (and they keep their high positions!). We have to remember the old saying: "Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered." And thank Jim Cramer for drilling it into our heads.

As for the "Prominent Bloggers," we have expanded this universe over the last year and bloggers are on their honor to deliver an honest and meaningful result. Not all bloggers polled submit a result every week which tells us at Ticker Sense that bloggers are honorable.

We thought the sentiment poll would be fun and interesting for everyone. It has certainly been exciting recently, but let's just say I don't use it as my ONLY investment tool!

This poll shows that the end of this bull market is getting closer and closer...Everybody is going to the same side of the boat, so...

Bill, thanks, but TS's e-mail address isn't prominently displayed for me to hit them with an e-mail.

So, if anyone from TS reads the comments, I'm a financial blogger who'd like to play each week. Thanks.


Found through the "about us" link on this page. Pays to look around.

The Blogger Sentiment Poll reminds me of the Louis Rukeyser "Elves Index", a merry band of ten technical gnomes in which tribe Mr Birinyi served for many years with distinction. Lou's Elves were always bullish, always fun to watch, right up to the events of 9-11, at which point the Elves out of necessity turned bearish, and were later disbanded as the markets took a heavy beating.

This week looks to be down too based upon the sentiment I'm seeing. We poll our traders over at weekly and daily and there are few confident Bears even as they have every excuse to be.

I fear too many folks are looking for end-of-quarter window dressing. We may get it, but probably from lower still.

We need much more in the way of Bearish sentiment if we are to make a good low here.

in looking at many of the "prominent" bloggers, many haven't posted in weeks if not months. Do you update your participants regularly to make sure they are still active? and if they aren't active, how are they bearish or bullish?

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  • The Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll is a survey of the web's most prominent investment bloggers, asking "What is your outlook on the S&P 500 for the next 30 days?" Conducted on a weekly basis, the poll is sent to participants each Thursday, and the results are released on Ticker Sense each Monday. The goal of this poll is to gain a consensus view on the market from the top investment bloggers -- a community that continues to grow as a valued source of investment insight. © Copyright 2015 Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll

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