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Dear Readers, It did not take long SOPITALISM struck again. The head SOPITALIST Ben Bernanke has just send lifesavings of millions of SEINIORS, and purchasing power of all ordinary AMEICANS down the drain.

I told you in previous post SOPITLASITS are about to confiscate your money and suck the blood out of you.

Well, did you look at $US dollar yesterday as BEN was saving SPECUALTORS?

Do you need more proof that you are looked and acted upon like a slave , money transfering ( to rich) rat, and spet in the face day after day by SOPITALISTS.

If you do, you deserve it.

Well, did you sell your $US like I told you. Did you buy gold? You see the only way to defeat the SOPITALITS is to deny affect of their actions and that is why you need to educate yourself in investments.

It is free.

It is free, cause Shota Rustavely said.

"you will find what you give, all else is lost"

So , I give, I give the wisdom of survival via investments. come and take it, before it is too late.

GOod Trading

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