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I am a long time member of the futures exchanges and have always hated the uptick rule. I believe it is too early to tell how big a factor changing it has been. But I have noticed something I would like your opinion on. i believe the explosion of ETFs and arbitrage associated with them has lead to increased correlation between individual securities. I believe this shows up primarily on volatile days.

Being bound to work restricts freedom. Don’t you sometimes feel like running away from the hassles of work? Does marriage also restrict freedom? I think many married people feel that their freedom has been restricted.
Is it not possible to not to be bound to anyone or anything and live life on day to day basis and do whatever, whenever and wherever you feel like doing (here I am not talking about insane things). Do you feel sometimes trapped by modern forms of slavery like mortgage etc?

Think of how they all adore you!

Think of how they all adore you!

try not to become a person of success, rather try to become a person of value

hehe that sounds fun...*

If you want to find a reason to not do something then that's no problem.

the world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover.
it becomes small as one song, as one kiss of the eternal.

then that's no problem.

ate very elegant movements, each only half a teaspoon of rice with a teaspoon of small Sheng, and then slowly to your mouth, chewing on thin. I can see the wolf as Lan Ling finished their sweep

thanks for your article,like your blog very much,well done

thanks for your article,like your blog very much,well done

More than half of all children aged 3-8 said story time was their favourite pastime with their parents.

" South Korean media reported, Jun Han of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman on March 25 request, said that if North Korea again, "provocation", will be far more than 10 times the power of the DPRK enjoy to hit backStudio inside earmuffs and head beams are used inside a very comfortable and good air permeability of inert sponge, however, in the hot summer, hot and sweating, or inevitable,We recommend you still in the relatively cool weather wear Studio out˹ March 29 at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, said: "Our intelligence shows that they (the opposition) and al-Qaeda and Hezbollah, there is evidence of potential links, but No opposition, there are a large number of al Qaeda or other terrorists there is sufficient evidence, we are paying close attention to the problem officials, destroyed the former Yugoslavia is a production G-2 "Seagull," coach / attack aircraft The statement also said NATO members are committed to fulfilling the resolutions of the UN Security Council obligations, "This is NATO's decision to assume responsibility because no-fly zone The same track, the drivers for all the participants are the same

This is NATO's decision to assume responsibility because no-fly zone The same track, the drivers for all the participants are the same

Great, this story really touching, beautiful new beginning the end of impressive. Thank you!

Wife talking to her husband(who reads newspaper all day): I wish I were a newspaper so I'll be in your hands all day.
Husnband: I wish that too, so I could change you daily.

This is NATO's decision to assume responsibility because no-fly zone The same track, the drivers for all the participants are the same

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To tell the truth , like you are such a good blog , it is worthy of others to learn from . Can reach a lot of meaningful knowledge and help of valuable information in your blog . These for me, is very valuable . Thank you for your sharing .

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