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any way to see what overall mkt did the same time period?

I don't think its a matter of bank stocks bottoming, its a matter of fear of if the government will nationalize one of the banks. If that happens, then obviously you will lose all your money which is why people are sending bank stocks lower, not necessarily because they think the bank firms are that bad. If you think one of them won't be nationalized then it makes for a good investment right now. Geithner said he does not want to seize control of any banks, we'll see if that holds up.

Banks may have dropped relatively faster and lower, but the stress is on the word 'relative'.

Bank stocks valuations also started relatively much higher.

Hence the faster & larger drop.

Bottom is - relatively - still not in sight.

What would a chart of the last 100 years show with this most recent drop?

Would the previous booms of the 1990's and the 2000's look more or less spectacular than the current drop?

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merci beaucoup pour ce poste une grande! j'ai eu beaucoup de réflexions intéressantes en lisant ce que je pourrais simplement mettre en action tout de suite. merci

Well done! Vous avez réussi à dire les choses comme il est fou dans cette affaire et restent très encourageants. Je me sens mieux après avoir viens de lire votre discours, et je regrette de ne pas avoir été là pour vous rencontrer et l'entendre.

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